Nexyiu benefits

A community is stronger if it can communicate freely: this is why Nexyiu Mobile. Nexyiu users enjoy the first rewarding system linked to a telephone company on the market.

Nexyiu Mobile is the telephone company created to meet the needs of the Nexyiu community and beyond!

If you are a Nexyiu User:

Activate your Nexyiu Mobile subscription directly from the Shop section of the site and immediately request your Nexyiu Mobile SIM.
You can request a new number or request portability from another operator.
When you have activated the Nexyiu Mobile SIM you can call and surf in complete freedom with your new tariff profile.
Each month on your Nexyiu e-wallet you will have a reward of 1 (one) Nexyiu Credit to use as you wish and wish.
Every twelve months you will have an extra bonus of 12 (twelve) Nexyiu Credits always loaded on your Nexyiu e-wallet.

You are not yet a Nexyiu User?

Request your sponsor code here!

You will immediately understand what it means to enter the Nexyiu world.
Incredible benefits and fabulous solutions to improve your life await you.



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